A Lasting Impact

Outreach is always new each time our team goes out. I've said this before but we never know what kind of night it will be. Whether it will be a busy night or a calmer night with fewer women out. These past few months on the track have been busy. On average we were handing out 25 gift bags a night but that doesn't even include the women we would meet who didn't want a gift bag or those we were unable to talk to. That was the season we just got out of, a very busy season. Since it was summer many girls were actually moved to the area we are reaching out too. Their pimps will move the girls to certain areas depending on where there is the highest demand. Since summer is coming to an end it seems that some girls are being moved again to different areas. 

As our team went out for outreach, there weren’t as many women out on the streets. It was a different night compared to past nights we have had. We met a woman who we hadn't seen in awhile. She said to us, "I remember you girls, I met you here 4 months ago." Four months ago we met this girl and she still remembers us. Hearing her say that shows that even if we meet a girl one time, the impact can be a lasting impact. We may never see some of these girls again, but we trust God that he has a plan and purpose for their lives. We hope that in the few moments we have with these women, that they experience and feel the love of God. We go in faith that even if we don’t see these women again that there has been an impact made. 

Some people may ask “Why” are you doing what you are doing. The answer to the “Why” question is what motivates our team. 

Watch this clip because it shows a perfect example of how you can be doing something to just do it, or do something from a spot where it comes from passion because you know why you are doing it. 

In this clip, the guy sings amazing grace from a spot where there is no passion, he is singing to sing. But then he sings from spot where he knows “why” he is singing. It comes from a spot of passion. 

The “why” question for our team is answered through our own personal experiences in life, where we individually have encountered God. My own motivation to reach out to these girls comes from the moments in my own life where someone spoke truth into my life and never gave up on me. Those moments impacted my life. God has set me free from my own bondage in life, and my passion is now to help others be set free. We don’t do any of this for us; we do it for those to be set free. Our “why” is answered each night we reach out to these girls. We see the faces behind the statistics, we hear the real stories of their lives, and with this our team continues to reach out to these girls each Friday night to continue to tell them they are loved. Even if we only meet a girl one time, we never know what impact it could have. And since we go with God, I believe that it is only through the presence of God that He makes a lasting impact.