Beautiful Girl


Beautiful girl, who told you that you are not good enough? Who said that you had nothing to offer this world? Who lied and said your body is only good if someone else is able to use it as they please? 

Beautiful girl, who ripped you of your innocence and told you that you were worthless? Who told you that you are talentless? And who told you that you aren’t beautiful enough?

Beautiful girl, they lied. 

You, precious one, are filled with all the talent, all the good, all the creativity, all the worth, and all the beauty that you will ever need in this life. Your beauty is deeper than the layers of skin that others see. Your beauty reaches deep into your soul; it is your essence and no matter what you look like on the outside, you will always be beautiful because that is who you are created to be. 

A purpose has been placed inside of you, and you are the only one who can carry it out. Your life has value and you are talented beyond measure. Even if you do not believe it now, know that your life is not a mistake and you have been created with everything you need to not only survive this life but to thrive and grow. Break from the lies that enslave you and tell you that you have nothing to offer. 

Look at your big, caring heart… your beautiful smile… your strength to overcome… your way with words… your ability to love… your determination… your fierce spirit… your gentle soul… look at the fight in you! You have it in you. 

All the talents that are hidden inside of you are just waiting to be cultivated. You are what this world needs, and you have more worth than you’ve been given. You are loved for more than just your looks. You are more valuable than the price on your body. Who you are and what you can offer this world through your talents and personality are priceless—there is no amount of money that can pay for a replacement of you. 

You have been created you with an intent to share your story with others. Your story of triumph and victory are made to impact the lives of those around you. Through your life, people will come to understand that there is hope for their lives, too. They are not alone because you have been called to be with them. Just as there is hope for you, there is hope for those you will encounter. 

Beautiful girl, stand on the truth that you are enough. If you need a sign and confirmation that you are worth it, here it is: 

You are so worthy and so valuable that God looked down on you and saw your value equal to that of himself because that is what He paid for you to be alive and free. You are worth the life, the blood, and the death of Jesus. Even before you made your way to this world, He foresaw you and declared that that is what you were worth. He willingly made your value equal to His. And so beautiful girl, you have already been bought at a very high price. The highest price you can ever have on any human has been given to you. Your life is valuable. You are filled with beauty. Anyone who says and does otherwise is a liar. Stand on the truth and live according to that. 

Beautiful girl, you are worth it. You are valuable. You are talented beyond measure. Your body belongs to you and you do not need to use it for approval. Your value is not placed in your body, but in The Body who gave His life for you. Your value comes from your spirit, your soul, your mind, and your heart. You are so full of life and passion and you have so much to offer this world.

Beautiful, beautiful girl… Jesus says you that you are enough, that you have so much to offer this world, that you are good, that your value does not come from your body but from His actions, that you are so worth all the good this life has to offer, that you are filled with talent, and that you have so much beauty. 

Will you believe Him?

Alinne DeoliveiraComment