March 23, 2018


Together, we stand for the one. Week after week, we pursue each girl that we see on the streets. We wake up to meet these girls where they’re at from 3 am – 6 am. More often than not, we are asked why we are out there. With joy, we tell them we are there because they matter.

This past week's outreach was an incredible reminder of why our slogan means so much to this ministry. We are not out to meet girls to tell people the significant number of gifts we were able to give away. While we all love to talk to as many girls as possible and instill hope in the midst of the darkness on the streets, we believe that even if we only talked to one girl during that three-hour window, we are making a difference. We go on outreach to meet whoever God appoints for us to meet and, if there is only one girl we are meant to reach, we are still doing exactly what He has called us to do. This week was one of those times.

About an hour into the evening driving through the frigid temperatures up and down the main track, we noticed something unusual - there were no girls on the streets. While we were happy to see none of them were out in the cold, we were curious about where they could be. There were several cops roaming the streets too, possibly signaling a raid had been done in the area. We prayed about what to do and felt peace about leaving and heading to the other track we usually hit as well on our way back home. We hardly ever see any girls on this track but because we have seen a girl or two in the past, we continue to go just to make sure we aren't missing anyone. After months of not seeing anyone here, we were surprised to see a girl that night. Though short, the conversation was beautiful because she had actually recognized us from another street she had been on in the past! Whenever that happens, we get so excited as a team because the more often we encounter the same girls, the more likely they are to trust us and the more likely they are to open up to us.

In our Justice Discipleship Training School (JDTS) we were taught that every single encounter with these girls matters because often it takes encountering the same girl at least seven times for her to trust us enough to take the very risky chance to leave her pimp. We all firmly believe in the power of being part of a single encounter. Even if it's not the seventh encounter, we know it is making a difference. The consistency with which we reach these girls each week is only the beginning steps of the heart of this ministry. Once trust is established, hope and freedom are more easily grasped for and communicated to them. 

We stand for the one because she matters. We go out each week because that single encounter - like the one we had this past week - is more than worth it.

Hannah GroenComment