March 2, 2018


For this week's blog, I felt like God was challenging me to share more about what He was speaking to us throughout the night. At the end, I will share more details about our time out and some ways you can pray for the women we encountered.

On Friday, we started off by creating more gifts for the women. As we worked to put the gifts together, seeking God for guidance about each color of lip gloss, nail polish, and handwritten note, we remembered how much God sees each of these individuals and is desiring freedom for them even more than we do. We asked God for opportunities to pray and share about the identity He gives them instead of what the world speaks over them! Out on the street it was slower than usual on that cold, rainy night. What we mean by that is there were fewer girls out than we typically see each Friday night. We only saw and spoke to four girls that night and, because of that, our temptation was to be sad that we did not get to reach more girls. But, God reminded us of a saying we often quote: "We do it for the one." When we take a step back and really remember what that means it reminds me that, when we get up at 2:45 am to go and speak God's truth to the girls, it is truly about the ONE. It is all about the ONE girl. Yes, sex trafficking is a huge issue and all of these women, men, and children need rescuing but, if we focus too much on the big picture, each individual being affected by this issue becomes just another number lumped into the over 38 million currently enslaved and we begin to think that the injustice is too big to make a difference.

I'm so thankful for God's reminder to pursue each one individually. I think back to the many girls we have talked to over the years and how each of them has their own struggles, their own stories, and their own needs. We need to remember that the numbers we see are actually just many individuals. I am so grateful to have a God who sees us as individuals and wants each and every one of us to be set free from the injustices we are facing. My prayer is that as we chase after our dreams to see human trafficking come to an end, we never forget that it is about each individual; when we impact one woman, one man, one child, we impact the issue as a whole. We do it for the one because they matter.

1. One woman asked that we would pray for her safety, allowed us to pray with her on the street, and even waved on a buyer so that we could pray with her!
2. Another asked us to pray for her and her daughter! We were able to pray with her on the street as well.
3. Another one was so excited that we had a gift for her and was so filled with Joy! She allowed us to pray with her on the street. We were able to call out the joy she is marked with and how it affects others around her!
4. The last woman we met was very timid and didn’t have any specific prayer requests and asked that we pray in the car.

We thank you so much for each and every one of these beautiful women. We thank you for their courage. We thank you for entrusting us with loving each of them and that each of them is part of your family. We pray that you give them a new hope through these gifts and that you begin to break through the walls they have put up for so long. We pray that they encounter your love in a new way that sets them free. We pray that you continue to surround them with people who are speaking truth into their lives! Thank you, God, that you are pursuing them even more than we are. Thank you for seeing each individual and their stories. We pray that you continue to bring these women into more freedom.

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