A Man's Role in Justice


What can I possibly do, as a man, to help fight against human trafficking? What can I do to promote justice? It's such a big and heavy topic to think about and come up with solutions for. But ultimately, as a man, I know I have a part in fighting for justice, so let’s dive into my role.

I'm starting with me because I believe every solution starts with us as individuals\\ taking responsibility and making an effort to do something whether big or small in our own sphere of influence. So here's some things that can practically help us men be a part of curing this global disease.

  • Don't Let Chivalry Die!

Let's be the men that our mothers, sisters, daughters, and every female we know would be proud of. Open doors for the women we see, tell them that they are beautiful, treat them with honor, look them in the eyes and not six inches below. These things may seem small but they go a long way. Women are true gems and sadly those in the sex industry are treated extremely subpar. So let's start by raising the standard in our communities and homes. 

  • STOP Watching Porn!

Yes I said it! Have I ever viewed it?! Yes I have. And I'll be honest and vulnerable here for a sec, because I grew up in a church that never addressed these issues head on and dissect all there is about these taboo topics. Porn is such a horrible thing and a false reality of what love and real pleasure is. When we watch porn we are literally feeding the beast. So by refraining from watching it, we take away viewership and the demand for it. Look at it this way, every time we view porn we further enslave these women that are silenced by our lack of self control and ability to be real men. So I'll say it again, stop watching porn!

  • Pray!

I may not be marching into the red light districts in Thailand, and I may not be running into every porn production location in the San Fernando Valley flipping tables and cameras but I have access to the most powerful tool. I have the power to press in and pray for God's heart for these women and the men that enslave them. Yes, my heart not only goes out for the women being abused and mistreated but it would be remiss of me to ignore the love God has for all those men who own, buy, or see these women as sex symbols. God equally loves all of them; He desperately wants to see them come to Him and get true freedom. Let's be challenged to see them as God does with the potential and call He has over their lives and let’s intercede immensely to see a change.

  • Get Educated!

I’m not going to lie and say I’m very educated on the topic of human trafficking but in writing this blog post I am challenging myself as much as the next guy. As men, we are on this journey together to help in the fight and, to fight well, I feel like we should have an understanding of the depth of the issue and how effectively we can prevent or fight against it. As I did a little research, my mind was shattered to pieces; the stats are very appalling. ‘It is estimated that 100,000 children in the U.S. are in danger of sexual slavery. The average age of entry into the sex trade is 14 years old. (“Child Sex Trafficking At-a-Glance.” Polaris Project (2011) http://www.traffickingresourcecenter.org/sites/default/files/Child Sex Trafficking AAG.pdf)

That stat alone is so mind boggling, I don’t think I even need to share anymore stats. Think of your little sister, cousin, niece, or even your own child and allow yourself to imagine them being caught up in the sex trafficking industry. It’s terrifying, isn’t it? There are so many more statistics of this dark reality. But, as horrowing as this injustice is, there are ways we can prevent this, and I would rather focus on the positive than all the negatives because, let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that! Which leads me to my next point…

  • Become A Mentor!

As we strive to become good and godly men in society, we then have the responsibility to influence other young men to become the generation that will change all those statistics, the generation that will stick up for the women we are currently mistreating. We can raise them up with the values and morals to see women as the precious beings they are and not products to be bought, used, abused, and a source of lustful pleasure. The more godly men we raise, the less likely they will become future pimps or customers of these women. Then, as demand decreases so will the market until it will no longer exist. How do we help raise these men?  We can volunteer at at-risk youth programs, in our youth group at church, or even just being a big brother to someone in our community.

These five ways are just a few of many ways we as men can stand up and take part in turning things around. I'm challenged to be more intentional in my efforts to be a part of the solution every day. We need our women and we need them to be functioning in their full God-given potential. After all, girls do run the world.