A Safe Place

This past week has been an incredible but emotional week. Some people from our team were apart of a Restoring the Foundation (RTF) Training Seminar. During this weeklong seminar we were trained in ministering to individuals and walking with them as they receive healing from past hurts. Part of the training practice includes yourself being ministered to as well so that you understand the process. To sum it up you take 3 months of therapy and apply it into 1 week. It is intense. At the end of the week I was emotionally drained, and going out for outreach was hard to even think about. I kept thinking, “How will I get up at 3:30am and how will I even be able to give anything to these girls? I am drained.” But at 11pm at night God reminded me of what I learned this week; that He cares and loves me so much, and that He doesn’t want me to stay the same in believing lies. He healed hurts that happened to me when I was a child and teenager. He literally restored lies I had believed. Lies that, “no one care about me or love me for myself.” He replaced that lie with, “Just as God trusts me, I can trust Him. He is safe to be open with and He is going to bring people into my life who are safe too. I will choose to trust Him and be open with my emotions and feelings with those He brings into my life.” This is a promise He told me, and as I lay down to get a few hours of sleep, that was the promise I was going to bring to these precious women. The promise that God is safe, God is trustworthy, and God loves them.  

Our team met up at 3:45am to take time to pray and listen to the Lord before we went out. As we prayed it was incredible to receive messages from people from all over the world sharing how they are praying for our team and for the women we will reach out to. I think it is beautiful to have people willing to stand with us and fight for these girls through prayer. A friend of ours got the word “breakthrough”. This word is what we held onto when we went out for outreach, and it was a word that definitely summed up our night. 

When we go out for outreach every time is different. You never know what to expect, who you will meet, or how open the women will be. You just pray that God will have you encounter the right girls at the right time. As we went out we all were excited to see what God was going to do.

Tonight there was such a willingness and openness with the women. As each team went and handed out gift bags all the women were open and asked us to pray for them. When we approached one girl she said to a guy on our team, “You must be a prophet”. Without him saying much, she already could see he carried Jesus. Another group handed out gift bags to four girls. While they were talking one of the girls gave them her real name and phone number. This doesn’t happen often because it can put the girls at risk. This was incredible because that girl wants to leave the industry and now we can help her get connected with resources. As the group got back into the car we saw a girl walking very fast up to us. When she got to the car she said when she first saw us she was scared. After watching us she realized that we were safe people and that she wanted a gift bag. Normally it is always us approaching the girls, however this time the girl came up to us!

As we continued down our route we met two other girls. We were able to share with them how we have resources that can offer them help if they desire. As we were leaving one girl said, “from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for what you are doing.”  Those words were so precious and affirming to us because that one girl is who we are doing this for. That one girl matters so much to us. 

Tonight these women got to experience a piece of God’s safety, and God’s trustworthiness. Every time I go out I pray that God will always rekindle my passion because I never want this to be something that just becomes a routine every Friday night. Tonight God reawakened my love for these beautiful women. He showed me that my simple act of obedience, even when I was exhausted, allowed these women to feel safety. With my willing heart God always reminds me why I am doing this. I do this because they matter.