April 13, 2018


This last week’s outreach was amazing. We never really know how many girls we will meet each week, but we pray we get to meet every girl out that night. The last time we went to this track (the street where the women are being exploited) we didn’t see any girls. This outreach we were able to hand out 12 gift and we had great conversations. Some were short, some were light where we laughed a lot, and others were longer and more serious.

One of the first girls we met was a girl that we hadn’t seen in months. The last time we talked with her, she asked us to pray for her to be able to finish school. This time, one of the first things she told us is that she finished her degree. Ecstatic, we told her that we had been praying for that specifically since talking with her last and we got to encourage her, telling her how proud we were of her. She seemed surprised that we remembered that she was going to school and was so grateful for our prayers. We continued talking and had a beautiful conversation with her about God. She knows that He knows her, loves her, and always has her back.

Every conversation that we have is special. But this encounter showed me what a privilege it is to serve these women by pouring into their lives encounter after encounter, by showing the how important they are to us by remembering the details they share with us.

One big thing I am taking away from this outreach is that our prayers aren’t wasted. We must take the prayer request the girls share with us seriously and pray for them not just once but repeatedly. God is moving in all of the women’s lives and we get to be part of it by partnering with Him in prayer. Would you join us as we intercede for their lives? Pray for their safety. Pray for their children and families. Pray for their future. Pray for their beautiful hearts, that they know how loved they are, and that they are worth fighting for!

Naomi PohlComment