Coming Home

I once was lost, but now I am found. Through grace I am who I am today. God redeemed me and made me new. He never gave up on me. Over and over again he sent people into my life who showed me who He really is. Over and over again I turned my back on him, but there was always that longing inside of me for more. God in his perfect nature never stopped pursuing me. That is who he is. He is loving. He is forgiving. He is patient. He gives second chances and he will never stop. Once I clung to the perfect love that he offers, the love that doesn’t make any sense to human nature, I knew I was found. I knew I belonged somewhere. I knew there is hope in life. I finally felt complete. 

God calls us to be a light in the darkness. He calls us to show the world who Jesus is and what he brings. To find the lost and bring them home. Not on our own strength, not on our own understanding, because we don’t have anything to offer, but through Jesus in us. 

God called us to wake up every Saturday morning at 3 am to go out on the streets to tell His daughters who they are and who He is; to tell them that God never gives up on them, even though many of them where told otherwise. We are out there to show them that they are not forgotten, but that God sees them. That He is not ashamed of them, but that He loves them with a never ending love. He calls them home and waits for them with arms wide open. He never loses hope. 

These girls are not what the world says they are. Their identity is not in what they are doing. It is not in what other people say they are and it is not what they think about themselves. Their identity is in what God says about them. He chose them before creation. They are holy and blameless in his eyes and he longs for them to come home, for them to find that place where they belong.

When we talk to the girls they know there is something different about us. It takes time, but there is beginning to be some extent of trust between us. It is the little things that show that they trust us. They give us their real names knowing that it is safe with us. A girl we met on our last outreach, we will call her P, told us about her little daughter and asked us to pray for her. They know that they can tell us that they are scared and ask for prayer. They can joke and laugh with us. For just a couple minutes they can be real and talk with us about things that weigh on their hearts. I always wondered what it is about us that they choose to trust us. It is not us, it is Jesus in us. They see that we carry Jesus.

I believe that the girls we meet will find the way home. They will find that place where they will belong, where they are complete in Jesus, where they don’t have to pretend to be someone they’re not. I am honored that God chose us to be part of their journey home for even just a few seconds!

These girls are not lost. One day they will see the hope that God offers them and they can walk in the full freedom that He gives them.