Dare to Care


City of lights, City of Angles. Something dark hides beneath her wings. This form of evil so deadly to society but so innately invisible. Worse than the horrors that creep through the night, it steals without a fight. What is this thing so silent and sly? Apathy— and it takes from all man kind. So subtly it slips into our lives, killing away our ability to care. Apathy kills because it justifies our lack of action with lack of emotions. If I don’t feel strongly to do something then I must not be called to stand. Or even worse: if it doesn’t effect me why should I care?

Albert Einstein so wisely states “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

In the ‘me’ generation it has almost become a rebellious act to care for another. The idea to laying down your life to serve has become an obsolete outdated whim. We tend to see people as assets. We stand back and wait for them to reveal how they can benefit our lives. We can limit our knowledge of the world’s injustices to the post most loudly screamed out in our Facebook worlds. But what if this generation was different? We cannot go back and change the label that has been placed on us already but we can choose to change and be known by other names. I refuse to settle for the reality that says if it doesn’t effect me then it’s not my problem or place to do anything. As the body of Christ we are compelled—no required— to stand and fight for the oppressed. We carry His hope with-in us and we cannot keep that to ourselves.

Helen Keller says “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” 

Our vast expansive world has only a six degree separation. Meaning that each person in the whole world is connected by six people. That is crazy that I have the ability to possibly change the world if I can positively effect six individuals. Apathy is not something that is greatly talked about. It slides under the radar. I believe it is initially a cover for fear. The fear that if you begin to care just a little then you will inevitably be taken over by the hopelessness of this world. However I don’t think God calls us to help the poor, the hurting, and the lost if He knew it would destroy our lives. He is so very loving in His grace of what He will allow us to feel. I don’t want this to be another post that you skim through but don’t use. I want this to inspire you. God has placed a unique part of Himself in each and everyone of us. If we aren’t fully using our passions and talents in the way He has called us to then we are selling the world short. Yes, maybe you won’t see all of prostitution end in your life time, but what if you did see prostitution end for one son or daughter. Would it not be worth it? We cannot subside to the lies of the enemy that tell us that our story isn’t important. That we have done too many wrong things and God can’t use us. The lie that says we will never make a difference. We should almost get excited when we get attacked spiritually. We should get excited because we know that together with God we get to rattle the gates of hell. So today I want to challenge you. No, I want to dare you. I want to dare you to care. To care in such a radically fierce way that the devil himself is shaking in his boots. For a love like that will surely change this world.