Finding God in the Details


Imagine all you've been wanting is a donut, ice cream, and pizza all week. It's been a hard week, a lot of working and no money to get these treats. Maybe you even mention it to yourself, "If I could just have some ice cream, no, pizza, no A DONUT!" and then you continue your week. 

Only when you get to class, there's a donut exactly where you sit. You shake your head with a smile on your face. Who did this? Fast forward, it's the middle of the week and it's morning. It's really hitting you that you haven't had any coffee all week and then someone comes over to you and says they want to buy you an iced coffee. Is this even real? Now it's Friday and your stomach is growling. You think about that cheesy pizza you wanted all week and suddenly, someone walks in with a couple of boxes of pizza and offers you some. You squeal in a mix of excitement and disbelief because... wait, you just got all of the three things you had been craving all week... for free. 

This happened to me a few months ago. Then this started happening to me regularly. I believe this happens not because I'm always thinking about food but because God cares about the small things I like. 

When packing gift bags for the girls that we meet on the streets, I look at the different color nail polishes in hopes that whatever one I put in that bag is that girl's favorite color. That's what we do when we gift our friends, we look for their favorite colors or candies. 

Even though when we do it we don't actually realize how intentional we're being. Because it's so simple, there's so much depth to what we are doing. We're caring about details. 

It reminds me of the temple being built in the Bible. It tells us how wide and tall everything is and what material goes where. It shows us that God cares about details. This characteristic of God trickles into our everyday life and it flows through me while packing gift bags for Justice 180. 

Could it be that God, who created everything vast like the universe and the oceans, cared about me wanting an unnecessary donut because He knew that if I saw He cared about that, I could relate it to caring about the girls getting their favorite color nail polish in hopes that they will relate it to God caring about them? 

I believe so.