This is my plea; my plea to not miss out!  To not miss the opportunity to write history.  The time to stand for those trapped in sexual slavery is NOW.   The issue of human trafficking is gaining global attention.  Christians and non-Christians alike can be heard discussing the issue of trafficking.  This is the social justice issue that is popular right now.  

I love to read books about heroes of old; especially people who stood for justice in times in which their lives were on the line.  People like Corrie Ten Boom, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce; people who were willing to stand in the face of an issue with their entire lives.  These people are my heroes; people with a legacy that will last through the ages, people with the courage to stand.  These people continue to inspire years after they have passed.  Some as a result of the stand they chose to take with their lives.

As a man I see this fight and I get discouraged sometimes.  I am about to lead a third Justice DTS in order to train people to fight against sexual slavery and for the third time in a row I will have 2-3 MEN and 15 WOMEN. (Don’t get me wrong; I am thrilled to have these women come!) I know that part of the calling on my life is to call men into action.  As a man I do not want the History books to read “The Women’s Underground Railroad (the men were scared), or When Women Fought for Justice (where were the men).  It’s not that I want men to get the credit, or I have some chauvinistic beliefs or anything of that nature.  It’s just that as a man I want men to be included in the fight, to be a part of the story, to leave a legacy for our generation.  I do not want to be remembered as apathetic, or blinded by male sexuality or silenced by shame.  I want to join the women in the fight.  To be a part of the solution! You see there are not good books about people who did not have the courage to fight, or about the people who didn’t risk everything to hide people in their attics; those who ignored segregation, or supported it through apathy do not inspire people.  That is not a legacy.

I want my grandkids to read books about our generation and how we came together to address global slavery once and for all.  How despite the risk, we gave ourselves to be the solution.  You see our lives are incredibly short.  If you are in your twenties the odds are you have lived at least 25% of yours already.  What we do with our time here is SO important.  We must come together in this fight.  Men we must respond.  We are half of the solution.  We have the ability to speak truth into the lives of a good majority of the demand- the driving force behind sexual slavery.  We can come together, we can be a part of the story and we can leave a legacy.