Power of Prayer

As Justice 180, we believe in the power of prayer: everything we do is covered by prayer. We believe that prayer makes a difference and shifts something in the spiritual realm which is why we never go on outreach without praying first. God invites us to be part of what He is doing simply through praying. He could do it by Himself, but because He is such a relational God He invites His children to be a part of it.

This week was the first time we took our students on outreach with us since the school began two weeks ago. We had two teams going out on the streets handing out gift bags to the girls and another team staying back to pray for the two teams on the streets. Before the teams left we spent 30 minutes praying over the night. We asked for protection over our teams, for safety for the girls being exploited on the streets. We prayed that Holy Spirit would guide us, that He would give us the words to speak. We asked for divine encounters and that the girls we are reaching would know how loved they are. At the end we proclaimed that the enemy has no hold over the girls, the streets and our team.

After the two teams left to drive to the track (the street where the girls are being exploited), our intercession team then asked God to give us words, pictures and names of girls to pray for. Before long, God started to speak. Throughout the night all of our teams stay in touch: the teams on the street text the prayer team the names of the girls they meet and the prayer team send any names or pictures that God shares with us.

After 30 minutes we had a full list of names and one of the students got a picture of a Mexican flag.  One of the teams then met a girl, with a name that God spoke to us only minutes before, not only that but she was standing in front of a building with a Mexican flag in the window. How amazing is that? We were clearly supposed to meet that girl: before the team even met her, God spoke her name to our prayer team. Through the whole night He continued speaking names to us and the teams were able to meet some of them, hand them a gift bag and tell them how loved they are. And for the ones we didn’t meet that night, we know that it wasn’t an accident that God spoke their names: He wanted us to pray for them. All the students on the prayer team were so encouraged and so excited that God spoke to them. Many of them weren’t sure if God would speak to them and then God came through in such an amazing way.

At the end of the night the teams met a girl, we will call her “A”.  Her pimp just drove from the other side of the country to Los Angeles and within hours of arriving she was out on the streets. Our team gave her a gift bag and talked to her for a while. She was able to tell them how she really wanted to stop doing what she was doing. Our team was able to offer her help and told her that they were able to connect her with a safe house. “A” wanted our team to call the safe house right away. In the process of connecting her with a safe house “A” got scared, because her pimp had all her important documents. She wanted to meet up with our team again a few hours later, when it was light outside. We know it is really important that the ones we are reaching out to make their decisions for themselves. We let them make the choices about leaving themselves without pressure. “A” never came to the meeting point. We don’t know where she is or what happened to her. All we can do is pray that she is safe and doing okay, because we know our prayers have power and make a difference!

So many amazing things happened that night. We were able to reach 20 girls with the message that they matter. God showed us all how he desires for us to partner with Him simply through praying and what a difference it makes!

Pray for “A”! God knows where she is and what she needs at this very moment. Pray that she will find the help that she needs and pray that we are able to meet her again!