Radical Love

God met me where I was. He met me in a place of complete hopelessness. I was angry, I was lost, I felt unlovable; shame was consuming me. I hated everything about myself. I believed I had fallen too far to be picked back up and looking at myself I saw nothing worth saving. 

But God said “NO! I see her! I want her! I love her!” 

He came to me in that moment of complete defeat and said to me: “You are so beautiful to me. SO beautiful to me! I see no stain on you my child, so come rest in me and be made whole.” As I heard these words spoken over me, peace flooded into my heart like I had never felt before and I knew that God was there; He was with me. 

I’d been on this journey searching for a love that satisfied, I thought that something out there was going to give me this thing that caused my emptiness to be filled. But it drew me into a place of complete darkness. The journey I was on lead me to the lowest point with an even bigger emptiness than before. 

That is where God met me. 

He didn’t say: “you got yourself into this so you fix it and then maybe I will give you another chance.” He came and He rescued me exactly in the condition I was in. 

Our God is a God whose love is so powerful that it cannot be shaken by the circumstances of our lives. His love for us hasn’t grown smaller or larger since the day we were born; it never changes. He never changes. 

Going out and talking to women being sold on the dark streets of the San Fernando Valley, as they are striving to accomplish their day’s work, God always shows up. When a girl tells us she always looks forward to seeing us when we come out or when a girl is sitting on a bench hysterically explaining how hard she works for her money, God always shows up. 

We had a good laugh this weekend when a girl said she knew why they sent us out to talk to them because we look like we “are out there handing out cookies or something”. Yes, we look like the least likely to be walking on those streets at four in the morning, but even in that comment we can see that God is with us and He pursues gently. 

Looking back at the place God brought me from to where I am now, it wasn’t only one time that God came and met me, it was multiple times. It’s not a one-time encounter. He never stops coming and He never stops showing up. His promises are true. He promises that we will never walk alone and there is not one day that God hasn’t been there ready to come guide us if we allow Him to. 

He pursues us persistently with His jealous love and maybe it doesn’t catch our attention at first, but when God is after you He won’t stop even if it costs everything. He is the one person who has literally given everything He can possibly give, and even when we say no, He says: “okay, but even so, I will be here”. 

Just as God continues to come, we will continue to go out and meet these girls where they are on the streets. We will keep on waking up at 3a.m. every weekend to literally go meet these girls exactly where they are as an example of how God pursues them. No matter the cost, we have to be willing to go to whomever God calls us to and share with them about who our God is and His love. 

Have you encountered God’s love? Do you remember the very first time His love became real and impacted your life forever?

Any of us who have encountered God’s love and have been forever impacted, needs to share our stories with those who haven’t. Because it might be in the very moment that you do share that God’s love becomes real to someone for the first time.