Simply Here With You


It is so easy for me to make things complicated. Things that are supposed to be simple, like making a phone call, writing this blog, relationships or making decisions.  In my head I go through all the “what ifs”. What if this happens, what if this person says this or what if I didn’t think about this. Too many scenarios play in my head.

Often I catch myself doing the same thing in my relationship with God. I complicate things. I put certain expectations on myself that I think I have to fulfill before I can come before God or before He wants to be with me. Expectations like I have to be perfect or I can’t make mistakes. This is so silly because God is not like that at all. But being my human self, I fall back into this mindset over and over again and I realize that I don’t have grace for myself.  And to be honest maybe this blog is just to remind myself who God is and to choose to look through His eyes and not my own.

I love the song “Simple Gospel” by United Pursuit. Especially the part where it says:
Lord, I’ve been told to be ashamed
Lord, I’ve been told I don’t measure up
Lord, I’ve been told I’m not good enough
But you’re here with me.

So powerful. So true. So simple.

God loves me. He always has and always will. There is nothing that can take this love away from me. And He loves me a 100%. It is not less at some days or more on others. It is always the same amount of love. A love that is so overwhelming and hard to wrap my mind around.

I am enough. 

God is with me. There has never been a day in my life where He left my side. He is there when I’m “doing good” and He is there when I make unwise decisions, but He doesn’t leave me because of them.

God knows me. He sees my struggles and my worries. He knows me better than I know myself. He knows when I condemn myself because once again I did something wrong.  He sees when I complicate things and when I try to figure out how to make Him love me more and then He gently whispers in my ear “I am here with you. I love you.” And that is enough for me to take my eyes off my own complicated thinking and to choose to look at Jesus. To simply be with Him and relax because I know in His presence everything is fine. I don’t have to strive to be perfect or do things that I think will please him. I can just simply be still and experience who God truly is.