The Beauty of Distraction

As the night began, there already seemed to be a theme going on. The theme for tonight was ‘distraction’.  Our team met at 3:00am in the prayer chapel, and we took time praying out truths about God we’ve seen in our own lives, and then declared it over the women and men on the streets. Some truths we declared about God were: constant, safe, faithful, persistent, merciful, our identity, comforting, peaceful, and trustworthy.  These are words we have seen in our own lives as the truth of God, and this is what we offer to these precious women we meet. .  Each time I go out, I open my hands and say, “God I don’t have much, but this is what I have, can you use it?”  It’s realizing that God uses what I offer and exceeds all my understanding.  I didn’t call myself, God called me and He just asks me to simply be obedient to what He is telling me to do today.  

When we go out each time, I realize the battle we are up against. It says in Ephesians 6:12, “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” The enemy doesn’t like us, and he tries to defeat us, but it doesn’t work. We come with the power of God; we come with the blood of righteousness.  As we finished praying out the truth of God, Laura shared that as we worship we distract the enemy.  This shows how powerless he is, he gets distracted when we worship.  He has limited knowledge, because the devil is not a god. He is an angel that tries to look powerful. He can’t read our minds, so when we use our mouth against him, and declare words of truth he gets distracted and flees. How cool is that? We can defeat the enemy just by declaring truth. I think sometimes we try not to acknowledge that the enemy is at work, because we don’t want him to take any credit. But in my own life, when I have said, “Devil I am well aware of the way you operate and I won’t let you do this anymore. I am taking my power back and I am going to be the person I am called to be,” this is when I have received freedom. 

As we headed out we were distracting the enemy, and he was trying to distract us. The battle was real, and it was strong. Everything was going smoothly as we began, but once we got to the area where we see girls, it was chaotic. There were multiple girls out, a lot of cars, and many random people.  On an average night we hand out about 8-10 gift bags. Tonight we handed out over 18 gift bags, and actually ran out. Each time we handed out gift bags to girls, we would see more across the street, or down a little ways.  It was a bit overwhelming, seeing the demand, and wanting to reach all these beautiful girls. We reached many women tonight, were able to give them a gift bag, and share with them resources we are able to connect them to. With each girl we met, you could see they were distracted by something. Too much commotion was going on, they were being watched, but yet they wanted to talk to us, and for us to pray for protection over them. 

Each time we go out we meet new girls, but tonight we saw girls that we have met before. They remembered us and were thankful to see us again. We saw “M” again, and I was excited because I had met her a few weeks back. As we walked up she remembered us. I shared that I remember we gave her gloves the last time we saw her, and I think she was surprised that we even remembered her. We talked for a little, and we prayed for protection over her. As we started to walk away she began to share with us that every night she comes out she prays a long prayer because it is dangerous to be out here.  The times she hasn’t prayed is because she has been distracted by fear, and each time has had something bad happen to her. When we met her the last time, she hadn’t prayed because she was distracted, but then we showed up with gloves, and were able to pray for protection over her. “M” said tonight she was distracted again and hadn’t prayed but we showed up to pray for her. What is neat is “M” was able to put those two things together, and that God was speaking to us about distraction before we even saw her.  Coincidence? I think not.   I think God is speaking to “M” about distractions and showing her that He shows up to protect her. And he is allowing us to be apart of it.  As the enemy is trying to use distraction as a bad thing, God is using it for His own glory. I love God so much, because he takes what the enemy is trying to use for evil, and He turns it into a beautiful story.