The Impact of Love

Every year we lead teams of students to fight human trafficking in different countries around the world. I got the honor to lead an amazing team to Thailand and Greece.

While in Thailand, we worked with women who were being sold in Thai bars. We built relationships with the women and told them how much God loves them. I love being a man of God in the bars. Most of the men in the bars were there for negative reasons - to use the women. My aim when I went into the bars was to be a redemptive man in these women’s lives - a gentleman. I got to show the women the way God intends men to treat women. There is a clear call over the men of God to rise up and take a stand for justice.

One of the most amazing things we got to see is the development of the relationships we had with the women in the bar. On our first night, we met a girl called E. At first she didn’t really understand why were there. We didn’t want to drink and we didn’t want to buy sex; it was clear that there was something different about us. Night after night of being consistent faces for her, we got to show her the love of God. She quickly grew fond of us to the point where she would kick men out of the bar when they tried to flirt with someone on our team. It was really amazing to see the effect of real, genuine love on the women we met.

From Thailand, we flew to Greece to join YWAM United to work with the refugees who were trying to create a life for themselves in Athens after fleeing their war-torn countries. This was an amazing experience because the refugees were looking for something more, someone who can help them when all else has failed. We were well prepared with the answer for this: JESUS! We got to tell them that Jesus will comfort them in their pain, that Jesus loves and cares for them when it feels like there’s no one who cares, that Jesus died to restore their relationship with God. While we were in Greece, we saw 72 Muslims give their lives to God - 14 of which got baptized, 142 healings in the streets, and 280 gift bags given to women in brothels.

We took our team into the brothels in Greece and got to see God move in so many ways. We saw the impact that He had on the women as we told them that they have worth and value. We even saw the way we loved impact the pimps selling the women. We had one pimp turn away men because he was so engaged in conversation with us and was about to receive prayer from us. I will never forget the impact loving people had on those we encountered and the way that so clearly showed God’s heart. We got to witness so many people's hearts receive healing just because we loved them. I totally understand now why God teaches us to love - not because it feels nice, but because it has the power to heal people from even the deepest of wounds.

Jack CrossComment