To Love the Unloveable


As I sat on my couch contemplating the knowledge I have gained about sex trafficking and what I could say that would be impactful, I was reminded of the time when I was in France working with sex trafficking victims and one of my biggest struggle there. I would go out with the intent to love these women and speak value into them only to be consumed by anger as I would watch men go to buy these innocent girls. When I would see the men all I could feel was anger and frustration. I wanted to shake them until they realized that what they were doing was wrong. One day I shared with a friend of mine about what I was feeling and she consoled me with fact that she struggled and occasionally still does struggle with those same feelings. She reminded me that those men are broken and hurting too, and not only that but God loves the men who are buying the girls as much as he loves those girls. At first I shrugged it off but I realized that I needed to learn to love the men as well or I would never successfully love the girls well. I started to pray that God would give me his heart for these men. God not only helped me to forgive the men but he truly gave me His heart for them. I remember one day I watched as a guy bought a woman and instead of being consumed with anger, my heart broke. Not only for the girl but for the man. I realized that he is so broken and hurting that he’s looking so desperately to feel loved; he was just looking in all the wrong places. As I realized this, I was able to pray for the guy in front of me in a place of heart break for him.  As I look back on that time I can see how the only way to truly make a difference in this dark dark injustice of human trafficking is by bring light through Gods love. The best tool we have to end human trafficking is loving people where they are at and offering them hope!