Each week we go out for our ministry, I am always learning something new. And what I have realized this week is before going out to reach these women you mentally and emotionally have to be prepared. We take time to pray for our outreach and even pray for each other. Something in you stirs up when you are praying because you know you are preparing the way for a battle. I've noticed I have to clear my mind of my own thoughts before I go out, to allow God to be the full focus for the night. When I allow him to be my focus I am more alert for when he tells us to stop, wait, or just listen. When our minds our consumed with our own thoughts we lose focus on what is happening. We become reactive instead of responsive to situations. When we invite God into our thoughts, our circumstances, our lives, it is easier to trust and hear him.

All my trust is in God when we go out on Friday nightsbecause I am fully relying on him. I am willing to admit that I can’t reach these women without seeking God in every moment. It is really hard to see women being purchased. It is hard to hear their stories of how they got to be where they are. It is really hard to talk to a girl and know she is younger than 18. In all of those moments you are trusting God that he will protect that girl and he is present even in the midst of all of this darkness. It is in those moments where we realize we can’t do any of this if God isn’t included. We must trust him with everything because we can’t do this alone. I trust God because I have seen him be faithful in these women’s lives. He has allowed us to meet girls in the exact moment they needed someone to help them. I’ve seen God even more in the darkest placesbecause in the midst of darkness, light shines even brighter.

So now I am asking myself on a personal level, what is there in my own life that I can learn to trust God with? It doesn't mean it will be easy, pain free, or a onetime thing. But what can I give to God and say, "What is mine is truly yours God, because without you everything ismeaningless." Without God nothing matters. What's the point of reaching out to these women, what's the point of what I am doing, what is the point of telling someone they are loved if you don't include God? Without God everything is temporary, with God everything is eternal.Trusting in God doesn't mean that I understand what is happening, but it's me willing to lay down my desires, my control, to say God I believe you know me, I believe you are constant, I believe you are good, and I believe you love me.  I want to be so fully in love with God that I don't even think of the cost. So today I choose to trust God in the small things and in the big things. I chose to trust God in all aspects of my life, with all of the same passion I have for the women we meet.  Is there anything God is asking you to trust him with? It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.