Frequently Asked Questions



Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes. Justice 180 is a registered nonprofit within the state of California (USA). At the end of our fiscal year, we issue tax receipts via mail..... Tax code 501-3(c)


What do my donations made to Justice 180 fund?

Generic donations made out to Justice 180 will be given priority to our organization's most immediate needs dependent on the season, such as funding local outreach or assisting in recovery efforts, whereas campaign donations will solely be used for the campaign you indicated on our donation form. To make a donation, click here.


Is Justice 180 religiously affiliated?

Yes. Justice 180 is a Christian nonprofit organization, but is not affiliated with any particular denomination since we openly work with individuals and organizations from many different backgrounds. Faith is an important key to who we are as an organization because we believe that Christ is an essential part for men and women to experience full restoration from sexual exploitation.


Is Justice 180 governmentally funded?

No. Justice 180 is a nonprofit organization that is solely funded through the financial support of people like you.


What does the "180" stand for in Justice 180?

At Justice 180, our heart is to see the lives of the victims of sexual exploitation restored and redeemed. The "180" stands for the shift we desire to see in each of their lives–one of complete healing in Christ. We believe that when someone accepts Jesus into their heart, they allow him to begin the healing process and redeem their pain, leading them to a place where they are better off than when they first entered the industry.


What partnerships does Justice 180 have?

Justice 180 maintains a close partnership with Youth With A Mission Los Angeles (YWAM LA) and their Justice Discipleship Training School (JDTS), the founding ground of our non-profit. We also regularly volunteer, attend seminars, and join outreach with Treasures, another local nonprofit organization that is devoted to ending sexual exploitation. 

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Currently, we have internship opportunities, which you can find here. If you desire to internship in one of the areas not listed, please contact us and tell us what you would like to bring to the team throughout the internship.


Are there any training opportunities?



Am I able to participate in local outreach?

Unless you have completed training with the leaders of Justice 180, you are unable to participate in our local outreaches. However, one way you can participate from your own home is by praying for our team as we go out each Friday night from 3am-6am. We believe prayer makes all the difference in this ministry.


What steps does Justice 180 take when men and women show interest in leaving sexual exploitation?