Stop The Demand


It all started when…

I needed to process the sobering truths about the porn industry that I was discovering. At first writing this was mostly for my own sake; I was trying to wrap my head around this issue. I was sad, surprised, and somewhat angry. But, the more I thought about it, I realized that if people don't know these facts about pornography, why would they not watch it? Would there be enough motivation for people to stop watching without the knowledge of what truly happens behind the scenes? I believe that awareness is the first of many steps to end this injustice, so I decided to articulate that in a more creative way, to hopefully get a hold of somebody's attention. The video is aimed at everyone who watches porn - not to shame them, but to educate. Morally, I think (and hope) a lot of people would reevaluate their porn habits if they understand how it's linked to sex trafficking.

- Molly Weber Jørgensen (Justice DTS 2016/2017)


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