Spoken Word

by Molly Weber Jorgensen 

“be careful little eye what you see”

I actually agree not because you’re being watched by authority 

it’s just…some things should make you flee

and there’s an industry 

making a hundred billion dollars a year

the consumption is severe

it’s pornography we’re talking about here

but before we continue 

let me tell you - my issue 

is that people don’t have a clue

what they’re contributing to

so I’m trying to educate, not to shame you

‘cause shame never makes a change

shame only makes matters worse 

shame makes you want to hide

keeping your secrets in the dark of night

even though it’s effects are shining bright

so here it is - brought to the light

I could make a lesson on its consequences

but I’m gonna stick to one of its expenses

‘cause there’s a side to this phenomenon 

that I would like you to act on

my reason, I would say, is pretty strong

please, come along 

and let me shed light on what is so wrong

we buy people, not rethinking our conduct

no difference between a person and a product

this entertainment for adults

is really just an insult

when it’s produced, people are abused

now, porn may seem glamourous

but what doesn’t pop up on your screen

is her horrified scream - from behind the scene

and the needles and pipes that lie on the back room floor

if she’s not high, she may not even sell

so when you just sit there and stare

are you even aware

that your entertainment is someone else’s nightmare

chances are that the girl on the screen - was only a teen 

when she was turned into a sex machine 

and she most likely didn’t choose it

it’s a result of abuse and she can’t refuse

we want to think that she asked for it

because if it’s her own choice we don’t have to quit it

but the statistics and stories shout louder than this

they point in the direction of commercial sexual exploitation

those are fancy words, here is your translation

porn is a campaign for illegal prostitution

conclusion: a lot of producers are practically pimps 

and pimping is a crime that pays better than full time 

selling sex is like selling drugs except the supply doesn’t stop 

for she is a kind that never runs out of stock 

a girl is reusable, just put her back in front of the camera

to make another shoot, make money of her – nude

or put her out on the street

to meet yet another man’s need

it’s like a song on repeat

we call this human trafficking – or just slavery

fighting against it takes discipline and bravery

the demand for porn and prostitutes is growing

and so the supply keeps flowing

but if you believe in freedom at all

I hope that this will be a wake up call

you can break chains and you can stand tall, 

they are not just people out in cyberspace

everything you watch actually takes place

if this made any thoughts spin in your mind

please, don’t act like you’re blind

the connection is undeniable and we’re without excuse

by watching porn we take part in the abuse

no need to be discreet 

these are the secrets of the screen and the streets

do many people are at risk, exploitable

but we can’t just say that it’s unavoidable

entertainment comes with a price

and in worst case scenario, that is her life

I’m not exaggerating, 

so let’s just stop debating

you have your place in the frontline of this fight

it starts in the dead of night

when temptation, when loneliness and lust sets in

do not give in - but press in 

to take a stand

if you stop the clicking, you stop the demand