stand for Freedom

Our ministry


We are a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, taking a stand against slavery in the 21st century. Justice 180's ministry is comprised of four separate elements: awareness and advocacy, outreach, recovery, and training. Through our holistic approach to anti-trafficking ministry, we aim to support survivors of trafficking in their transition into society. These four elements are linked together by the deep-seeded conviction that each man, woman, and child matters.

Awareness and Advocacy 

In order to combat trafficking we must address the demand; part of the solution to abolishing trafficking is preventing the exploitation from continuing. We are speaking out in churches, schools, and events across the globe about the issue of trafficking, how to identify it, and how to prevent it altogether. Some of the ways we accomplish this is through hosting events, presenting educational material, and engaging our online community through social media. Our hope is that more awareness would spread and many people, like you, will join us in the fight. [Want to do your part? Use #ForTheOne and #BecauseTheyMatter on social media and tag @Justice_180 in your posts.]



In Jesus' ministry, He went to the broken, sick, and hurting; He didn't wait for them to come to Him. We believe strongly, as followers of Christ, in the power of meeting people where they are. At Justice 180, we do weekly outreaches to those being sold on the streets in Los Angeles to show them that we love them enough to come to them, regardless of the hour, just to remind them that they matter. We believe that each and every act of love gives those being sold a glimpse of Jesus' heart — and that's our ultimate goal. [Want to support our outreaches? Find out how here.]


Justice 180 has big dreams for the men and women exiting the industry. Through holistic care—physical, emotional, and spiritual—we believe survivors can experience full restoration. Without this element of ministry, many survivors are threatened by the possibility of re-entering bondage. Our vision is to break these bonds and offer resources to help survivors create sustainable futures. We have gathered a team from around the world to join us in launching our first trade and recovery program in Los Angeles for individuals affected by modern-day slavery featured at our coffee shop that is currently under development.  [To learn more about café ministry, click here.]



We believe the responsibility to abolish modern-day slavery does not lie solely within our hands as an organization, but instead takes the effort of a generation. Our heart is to train others to use their voices and be a catalyst for change. Every year, we host our training curriculum in the Justice Discipleship Training School (JDTS) at Youth With A Mission Los Angeles (YWAM LA). In our partnership with YWAM LA, we educate people, like you, about the complexities of human trafficking and how to use your passions and talents within the global anti-trafficking movement. [Want to partake in an upcoming school at YWAM LA or learn more? Click here.]