So a few weeks ago I went hiking with some of my friends here at YWAM and had the craziest revelation of Gods love.  I wondered off on my own for a little observing just how beautiful the mountains were when a thought popped into my mind. But before I tell you what I thought about I want you to picture your favorite place. Where do you look around and go WOW the world is so beautiful! It could be the beach, the mountains, the city, or even looking at animals, just think of something that completely awes you in nature. Ok do you have a place or thing in mind? As I’m looking around at these majestic mountains that God created I realized that God finished creating all of this and thought, “you know what this world needs? A Dani. That’s what will make this world complete.” Guess what guys!? God didn’t just think that about me, He had that same thought about you! That is just SO exciting when you let it sink in. God created this amazing world we live in and said I need you. You will make this world complete. It’s just so crazy. When that realization hit me I couldn’t stop smiling. It is just so freeing to realize that God made each of us and everything He made was good. You are good; you are loved, and cherished by the one true King! My mind is just blown and my heart is so filled with joy right now.

I just want to go more in depth about what I mean when God said “I need a (insert your name) in this world” because I feel like so many of us instantly think about how worthless or talentless we are. Those thoughts about being unimportant are total lies. They are lies that the enemy LOVES to feed us. In Genesis 1 it goes through the timeline of creation and after each thing was created God said it was good. That means that after he created you he said YOU ARE GOOD! Yes we sin, yes we mess up, yes we don’t always honor God is like we should but God still loves us and made us for a reason. We serve such a personal God. Each of us was created in His image. Each of us here on earth has characteristics of God in us. Your talents, your personality, even your looks are made in Gods image.

God didn’t just create us to be loved; He created us to love others. When we start to walk in the love that God has for us we are then able to love others better. You may be asking us how any of this has to do with human trafficking, well let me tell you how this all ties together. When we are walking confidently in Gods love for us, we love people differently, and more deeply. That love will pour out naturally. That love can break chains. When we chose to love the girls unconditionally that is when there is true break through. These girls only get conditionally love that often depends on what they are putting out so to love them for who they are exemplifies God and his amazing love.

God wants to see each of us living to our full potential but that means that we must seek Him first. Ask God to show you what He wants you to do with the gifts and abilities He gave you. It amazes me that God has created mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, plants, animals, and so much more but He chose to make you and I because He saw the lacking in the world without each and everyone of us in it. I hope that out of everything I wrote or ever right I hope that you realize just how loved you are and how important you are no matter what you do. So I just want to finish off by saying as much as I love each of you guys, JESUS LOVES YOU MILLIONS OF TIMES MORE! His love for you is so intense that it’s actually unfathomable.