Be a Part of What God is Doing


Over the past week God kept sharing with our team to really take time to pray for our outreach but more importantly pray for each person on our team. I've learned over time that our ministry is important but the people serving and working in the ministry are just as important. And sometimes the best thing to do is to provide space for people to share how they are doing and pray for them. Before we go to impact others we must turn inward and invite God to impact us first.

We must pray.  When our lives are devoted to prayer it empowers us to impact the world around us.

“Do you want to join in with what I am doing or invite me into what you are doing?"- God

This was the question God asked me on our Friday night outreach. What God was showing us was He is already there with us when we do ministry, when we pray, He is always with us. He is asking us to invite ourselves into what He is doing. Because what He is doing is way better than what we have planned. He is the creator of earth, the creator of life; he provides all the answers to our questions. Why wouldn't we want to join in with what He is doing? I think sometimes we try to plan things, which can be good, but are we asking God what He wants planned. As a team that is what we did, we took time to pray and asked God for us to be a part of what He wanted to do that night for outreach. We prayed that we would be fully submitted to him. We prayed that God would tell us where to go, when to get out of the car, and what to say to those we met.

As our team gathered together at 3:00am it already felt like a different night. Things really shift when as a team you are unified with prayer. The theme for the night was God wanted us to be a part of what He was doing. As our team headed out to the streets of LA, we all were praying and playing worship music in our car. This was already going against what normally happens on those streets at that time.

We met a girl named "Baby". When we saw her she was kind of hiding in the dark by these bushes down a side street. One of our guidelines is to not go down a side street because people in the car can't see you, and we want to make sure we are in open areas. Our team decided to slowly walk towards her and if she wanted a gift bag we would let her come to us. And she did. She was in the darkness and was able to stand in the light with us. She was so kind and we were able to give her the gift bag. She asked that we would pray for protection over her life. As we walked away, I felt like God shared that when we listen to him, he will tell us how to approach each girl individually, this girl needed to make the choice to come to us and she did.

As we continued driving we met "Rose", who was standing on a corner under a bright light. Rose said she is good in life and asked that we would pray that she would continue to be good. While our team was praying for her, a guy started to walk towards them, opening up his wallet, which seemed like he was going to purchase her. But then he heard them praying and immediately turned and walked away. We didn’t say anything to him, and we didn’t need to. God probably spoke to him. The night continued and we were able to continue to pray over the streets and over the girls.

Joining in with what God is doing is so much better than trying to invite him into what we are doing. He wants all of us to be a part of what he is doing. I believe we all have the same calling and the calling is to follow Jesus and join in with what He is doing. That will look different for all of us, but the neat thing is it takes all the stress and worries off our lives, because we all know what we should do with our lives, be a part of what Jesus is doing.